Shoot N Spin Swinger Target Review
May 18, 2014

Shoot N Spin Swinger Target Review

Another style target by Shoot N Spin which I reviewed was their Swinger Target which is also called their Little Swinger Target.  This target is intended for .22 caliber (.22LR) handguns and rifles.  Shoot N Spin makes several style targets intended for both rimfire and centerfire firearms and you can use the links below to see my other Shoot N Spin target reviews.

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  • Swinger Target - 7 Gauge Steel with Stand
  • 12" Super Swinger - 12" Disk Hanging Target, AR500 Steel with Stand
  • Dueling Shooting Tree - Collapsible Dueling Shooting Tree with AR500 Steel Paddle Targets
  • .22 Cal. Paddle Target - 6" Targets, 7 Gauge Steel Painted


The Swinger target came boxed as shown below.

Figure 1
Shoot N Spin Swinger Target Review

Inside the box were the following items which are the swinger target with two swivels attached, two legs, one center bar, two side arms and an instruction sheet.

Figure 2
Shoot N Spin Swinger Target Review

Assembly can be easily done without reading the instructions and takes less than one minute to assemble.  Each of the bars in the stand are made from 5/16" steel and measure 15.5" or 15.75" in length.  The center of the 6" diameter target is about 11.1" off the ground.  The two 1/4" holes for hanging on each side of the target are inline with the center of the target.  The 1/4" diameter of these holes allows the target swivel to hang above the centerline of the target which means the center of gravity is below the swivel attachment and the target will hang in the position shown below after it stops spinning.  The photos below actually show the old style and new style targets.  The older style target was made from 11 gauge (0.120") thick steel and was painted yellow.  The new style is now made of 7 gauge (0.179") thick steel and is painted red.  The red color helps to distinguish that this target is a rimfire only target and the added thickness helps with overall durability of the target.

   Figure 3                                                                Figure 4
Shoot N Spin Swinger Target Review   Shoot N Spin Swinger Target Review

The target disassembles into a very compact form that could potentially stuff inside a range bag.  The Swinger Target weighed in at about 10.09 pounds.  This combination of weight and size makes the Swinger target very portable.

Figure 5
Shoot N Spin Swinger Target Review

Range Test

The Swinger Target was lots of fun and had a great spinning action when shot at the upper or lower edges.  Several people commented on how they liked the target and I agree.  This next photo shows the target at the end of my range tests.

Figure 6
Shoot N Spin Swinger Target Review

The video below shows the target in action and gives some commentary on the targets performance.

The instruction sheet states "The shooter and all spectators must stand at least 10 yards from the target when using handguns and at least 100 yards from the target when using a rifle."  Most of the shooting for this target ranged from 11 to 15 yards with both handguns and rifles.  I think the "100 yards.. when using a rifle" is clearly on the conservative side, yet the 6" diameter target face is still easy to hit at a distance of 25 yard so backing to greater distances wouldn't be a big issue.  At whatever distance you decide to shoot these targets (or any other steel targets) below 100 yards, you need to be wearing eye protection.  Eye protection is a good idea when shooting any firearms and should become part of your standard practice, especially when shooting steel.

The photo below shows the spinner plate a the end of our range tests.  The .22LR high velocity rounds being shot out of the rifles at close range (11 yards) made small dimples in the 7 gauge steel.

Figure 7
Shoot N Spin Swinger Target Review

If you look at the photo below you can see how there was some slight deformation in the plate.  I don't think this is too bad and I expect the plate to last many years.  If you shoot the target at longer distances with rifles, this type of deformation will be reduced.  I would have preferred the plate to be slightly thicker, but in doing so, the spinning action of the target might be reduced and the costs could potentially go up.

Figure 8
Shoot N Spin Swinger Target Review

This next photo shows the hardware used to hang the target.  The swivel is a #8 Ball Bearing CoastLock Snap Swivel and a split ring (key ring).  If you purchase this target system and the swivel looks like the top one shown in the photo below, bending the loop using pliers to make it look like the bottom configuration will improve the spinning action of the plate.  Also notice that the split ring on the bottom right has started to stretch.  I'm not sure how long the ring will last, so it is my recommendation to always have some spare hanging hardware on hand because you will eventually shoot or damage any of the hanging hardware on any type of steel target.  I have been shooting steel gong style targets for years and it always seems like the hanging hardware takes a hit.

Figure 9
Shoot N Spin Swinger Target Review


Bottom Line:

I really like the Shoot N Spin Swinger Target.  It is simple, light weight, very portable and provides great immediate feedback when shooting rimfire firearms.  At an MSRP of $70 which includes S&H, this target seems to be a good value.  Hopefully Shoot N Spin can expand their distributorship and we can potentially see the price become more competitive and drop below the MSRP.  If you are in the market for rimfire steel targets, you should consider adding a Swinger Target to your range.

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