Shoot N Spin Thick Target Review
April 22, 2014

Shoot N Spin Thick Target Review

This review is the second review in a series of reviews where I take a close look the steel targets produced by Shoot N Spin who is a new steel target manufacturer.  If you haven't seen the first review of the Shoot N Spin Dueling Shooting Tree, make sure you check it out.  In that review I talk more on the Shoot N Spin company and their product lines.  Taking the time to look at the details of their portable centerfire dueling tree is worth the time and effort.


The next Shoot N Spin target I decided to review was the Shoot N Spin Thick Target.  MSRP on this target is $40 and includes S&H.  I believe this target is intended to provide a quality AR500 target at a minimum cost.  Although the target comes with two holes for hanging, this target was designed to hang from a single point.  The manufacturer's warning states this target is rated for "soft nosed lead ammunition up to 45 caliber handguns." It also states that the shooter must be 30 yards away when using a handgun.  For most people, 30 yards away from a 5.5" diameter target when using a handgun can be challenging.  Personally, I consider 10+ yards to be the absolute minimum, and during my range tests, most of the shooters in my group shot the target from between 10 and 15 yards.  I'm not saying ignore the manufacturer's warning, I'm just saying what I do/did.  As a note, always wear eye protection when shooting, especially when shooting steel targets.  The closer you are to a steel target, the greater the chance that some bullet splatter may make its way back to you.

The standard packaging for the Thick Target is shown below and this target comes in 5 different designs; deer, cougar, bear, yellow zombie and white zombie.  The target shown below is the yellow zombie.

Figure 1                                                          Figure 2
Shoot N Spin Thick Target Review  Shoot N Spin Thick Target Review

These Thick Targets are made from 3/8" AR500 steel and measured 5.5" in diameter.  MSRP on this target is $40 which includes shipping and handling.

Figure 3
Shoot N Spin Thick Target Review

The target comes with a heavy duty #8 bearing swivel with a coast lock snap which is attached to the target.  The other end of the swivel has a split ring (like a key ring) that measured just under 1" in diameter.  This ring is intended to allow you to hang the target.  How you hang it is up to you.  A zip tie or nail are some options.

Figure 4
Shoot N Spin Thick Target Review

Range Test

The Shoot N Spin Thick Target held up well at the range and provided another level of variety when shooting different types of steel targets.  I was surprised at how well the swivel held up and was lucky that the swivel never took a direct hit.  As you can see, the split ring is gone and seems to be the weak link for these hanging components.  In the video you can see that the split ring was showing stretch after a few shots.  I got some feedback from Shoot N Spin and they have found a hardened split ring that hopefully will not stretch as much.  We shot the target with 9mm (mostly) and some .45 Auto.  When the target was swinging, it proved to be a challenge.  Once I got my timing right, it wasn't too hard to hit, but I clearly had some misses.  How you hang the target will determine how much of a pendulum effect you will have when the target is hit.  The more it swings, the harder it is to hit.  If you hang the target from the split ring only, the target will spin more when hit instead of swing.

Figure 5
Shoot N Spin Thick Target Review

The video below shows the details of the target along with some range testing.


Bottom Line:

I see this target as being an interesting addition to any range, but I'm not sure it would be the main course.  For me, it would be more like an appetizer target, get it swinging (take a bite) and move on to the meat and potatoes.  One aspect of this target is it's portability.  It is quick and easy to setup as long as you have a tie wrap and can find a limb.  For those who don't have their own range, this may be the an item to keep in your shooting bag for just the right occasion.  The AR500 plate held up great just like it always does.  Anyone who shoots steel targets knows that the hang points are all subject to replacement and the split ring (key ring) was the part that finally failed.  Since I couldn't find the ring, I'm not sure if the ring actually took a hit or if it finally stretched and broke.  Either way, always bring spare hanging parts to your range when shooting steel plates.  Make sure you watch the video to see the Shoot N Spin Thick Target in action and consider one for your own use.

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