Sccy CPX-2 Pistol Review
Part 4 - Disassembly
March 3, 2013*

Sccy CPX-2 Review

For disassembly of the Sccy CPX-2 Pistol, I followed the instructions outlined in the Sccy Instruction Manual and the disassembly steps are shown below.  Although I show disassembly, you should always consider the manufacturer's instruction manual as the official source for information about disassembling any firearm.


Step 1 - Safety and Lock Slide Open

Before disassembling any firearm, you should always make sure the firearm is completely unloaded.  For this pistol, the unloaded magazine can be in the pistol during disassembly and it is shown that way in the Instruction Manual.  If the magazine is inside the pistol, the slide will lock open after you pull the slide to the rear.

Figure 1
Sccy CPX-2 Review

Step 2 - Remove Disassembly Pin

Insert the tip of a flat blade screwdriver into the slot in the disassembly pin and pry out the pin slightly.  I placed some folded paper on the slide to prevent from scratching the nitride finish.  The first time I removed the pin, it took more prying force than I expected.

Figure 2
Sccy CPX-2 Review

Once the pin was pried out to about that shown in the photo immediately below, I was able to remove the pin with only my fingers.

Figure 3
Sccy CPX-2 Review

Figure 4
Sccy CPX-2 Review

Step 3 - Remove Slide Assembly

When you release the slide with the disassembly pin taken out, the slide will move to the position shown below.

Figure 5
Sccy CPX-2 Review

You can then pull the slide off the front of the frame.

Figure 6
Sccy CPX-2 Review

Figure 7
Sccy CPX-2 Review

Step 4 - Disassemble Slide Assembly

Performing disassembly of the slide assembly is like most pistols, first remove the recoil spring assembly and then remove the barrel.

Figure 8
Sccy CPX-2 Review

Figure 9
Sccy CPX-2 Review

Disassembly Complete

The photo below shows the CPX-2 Pistol disassembled to a level that most would do for normal cleaning.

Figure 10
Sccy CPX-2 Review

Magazine Disassembly

Magazine disassembly is also like most magazines.  Use a punch (or something) to press the magazine spring seat into the magazine and then slide the base plate forward slightly.

Figure 11
Sccy CPX-2 Review

Figure 12
Sccy CPX-2 Review

Once the spring seat protrusion is below the base plate, start sliding the base plate off the magazine base while keeping your thumb against the spring seat to prevent it and the spring from flying across the room.

Figure 13
Sccy CPX-2 Review

After you relieve all pressure off the spring, you can remove all components shown below.

Figure 14
Sccy CPX-2 Review



Disassembly was very simple.  Other than needing a small tool to pry with (the tip of a key will work), I think it compares with most pistols.

For more detailed photos and commentary, make sure you check out the other parts of this review and feel free to leave comments on my Reader's Comments page.  The following links are provided to help you see other parts of this review. 

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