Ruger SR22 Pistol Review
Part 1 - Introduction, Specifications and Summary
February 27, 2012

On January 2, 2012, Sturm, Ruger & Company., Inc. (Ruger) announced it's latest offering in rimfire pistols with the introduction of the new Ruger SR22 Pistol.  As most of you know, Ruger has been making quality rimfire pistols and revolvers for many years, so what makes the Ruger SR22 Pistol new and different from their current offerings?  The SR22 Pistol shifts away from what I will call their popular "Mark Action" platform which currently includes the Mark III and 22/45 pistols.  It is also nothing like the Ruger Charger that was introduced a couple of years ago which is based on the 10/22 action.  The SR22 Pistol has styling and features that are more in line with their SR9c and SR40c pistols.  Clearly there are some significant differences between the SR22 and other "SR" pistols like rimfire versus center fire, hammer versus striker, etc., but the SR22 Pistol is clearly part of Ruger's new line of "SR" pistols.  The photo below gives you a good idea on how the SR22 compares to the SR9c with regard to size and style.


SR22 Pistol                                                            SR9c Pistol

The SR22 Pistol is packed with many features like you would find on full sized pistols such as ambidextrous manual thumb safety / decocker, external hammer, double action / single action, magazine safety, adjustable 3-dot sights, Picatinny rail and the list goes on.  Ruger states an MSRP of $399, but based on a quick search of, you can find the SR22 for "Buy Now" prices that are around $320 plus S&H and FFL transfer fees.  Considering all you get for this price, the Ruger SR22 has the makings of being a great value pistol if it meets the quality and performance of the other pistols in their SR series.

During my reviews I like to compare my results to the manufacturer's claims where possible so the following text in colored italics was taken directly from the Ruger website on 1/28/12 and gives an Overview, Key Features, and Specifications for the Ruger SR22 Pistol.  The , and are my way to keep up with details that I have covered in this review with either photos, commentary or both.  I may also add commentary after these marks as necessary to explain some items if needed.


  • The Ruger® SR22™ pistol is the do-it-all .22 pistol for the shooter who appreciates style and demands reliability! Packed with versatile features, the SR22™ pistol is lightweight (just 17.5 ounces) and perfect for just about anything - plinking, target shooting and even small game hunting.
  • It is easy to field-strip, fun to shoot, and will reliably accept a variety of ammunition (not just high-velocity).

Key Features

  • Light double-action and crisp single-action trigger pulls. Review pistol averaged 10.9 pounds in double action and 5.1 pounds in single action.
  • Its external hammer is designed with a rounded spur for easy cocking and single-action shooting.
  • 3-dot sight systems has a fixed front sight and a rear sight that is adjustable for both windage and elevation.
  • A reversible blade allows shooters to select two white dots or a solid black blade.
  • Polymer frame and two interchangeable (no tools required) rubberized grips and angled serrations, allowing shooters to select either a slim or wider palm swell option.
  • Easy-to-use underside Picatinny rail features multiple cross slots for variable mounting of most popular accessories.
  • Aerospace grade aluminum slide has serrations on both front and rear for better grip and slide manipulation.
  • Stainless steel replaceable barrel, and ambidextrous manual thumb safety/decocking lever and ambidextrous magazine release.
  • Also includes two 10-round magazines, two finger grip extension floorplates and soft case.


  • Cat. #: SR22PB
  • Model #: 3600
  • Caliber: .22 LR
  • Capacity: 10
  • Sights: Adjustable 3-Dot
  • Length: 6.40" 6.50" from tip of barrel to end of hammer uncocked
  • Height: 4.90" 4.76" with the flat floorplate and 5.06" with the finger grip extension floorplate
  • Width: 1.29" At the thumb safety and 0.94 at the slide
  • Weight 17.50 oz.
  • Groves: 6
  • Barrel Length: 3.50" The review pistol measures 3.47"
  • Twist: 1:16" RH
  • Grip Frame: Black Polymer
  • Slide Material: Aluminum
  • Slide Finish: Black Anodize
  • CA Approved: Yes
  • MA Approved & Certified: No
  • Suggested Retail: $399.00 Street price around $320-ish

This review is broken down into multiple parts with this page providing links to each part along with an overall summary of the specifications, pros and cons, and my final "bottom line" comments.  Make sure you take time to checkout the other parts of the review because they contain many photos and lots of commentary.  Also, there is an extreme amount of detail in the other parts which is not covered on this page.

As you read these Pros and Cons below, keep in mind that it is hard to keep my particular preferences from creeping in the equation.  Therefore, it is important that you take the time to look at the other parts of this review so you can decide yourself on items which may be more of a personal preference.


  • The Ruger SR22 Pistol has a good feel and appears to be a quality made product just like you would expect from Ruger.
  • It's ambidextrous manual safety and magazine release make it immediately suitable to a right handed or left handed person.
  • The replaceable and potentially threaded barrel has an intriguing aspect.  The barrels should be available within the next two months.
  • Disassembly of the Ruger SR22 Pistol and Magazine is simple and easy and the fear of disassembly shouldn't be an issue in cleaning your pistol after use.
  • Comes with two 10-round magazines.

Pro / Con / Comments?:

  • Between the manual safety, decocker, hammer blocker safety and magazine disconnect safety, I consider this pistol packed with safety features.  Since this is a rimfire pistol, I don't consider this caliber to be something you would realistically use as your primary self defense weapon.  Therefore, in my view this pistol is more of a training, range and plinking pistol and I consider these safety features a plus.
  • Unless you have small hands, you will most likely use the large palm swell grip sleeve.


  • The only con that stands out to me is that the pistol has polymer front and rear sights.  Considering that polymers are used more and more these days, this may be a stretch to call this a con.


Bottom Line:

I struggle believing that someone wouldn't be happy owning the Ruger SR22 Pistol.  Hopefully the photos in this review give you the same positive impression of quality that I've formed over the past couple of months.  The SR22 Pistol seems to be reliable with a variety of ammunition and can deliver accuracy for this style pistol.  Quality, reliability and accuracy are something I have come to expect from Ruger rimfire products and this pistol seems to be no exception.  For those considering a pistol with a threaded barrel, this is definitely one you should consider.  Would I recommend the SR22 Pistol? Yes.  If you haven't already done so, I suggest taking a close look at the SR22 Pistol the next time you visit your gun store, and as always, I recommend you research your products before your purchase to ensure you get the best quality and value for your hard earned money.

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