Ruger SR-762 Rifle Review
Part 4 - Disassembly
February 16, 2013

Ruger SR-762 Review

Disassembly of the Ruger SR-762 rifle is simple and easy just like most AR styled rifles.  The only real difference is that you will need to remove the gas piston for cleaning.  Although the steps below give you a basic understanding of disassembly, you should always consider the manufacturer's instruction manual as the official source when disassembling any firearm.  The  Instruction Manual that was provided with the SR-762 rifle was the same manual as that for Ruger's SR-556 rifles, so disassembly is the same for both platforms.


Step 1 - Safety

The first step is to ensure the rifle is pointed in a safe direction and the safety selector is in the "safe" position.  You can then remove the magazine.

Figure 1
Ruger SR-762 Review

Step 2 - More Safety

Pull the charging handle to the rear and ensure that the chamber is empty.  Then release the charging handle.

Figure 2
Ruger SR-762 Review

Step 3 - Rear Takedown Pin

Using your thumb or other object, push the takedown pin on the left side of the receiver towards the right side of the receiver.  I was able to do this using only my thumb.

Figure 3
Ruger SR-762 Review

Once the takedown pin protrudes out the right side, you can pull it out until the retaining detent pin pops into place and the pin no longer moves.

Figure 4
Ruger SR-762 Review

Step 4 - Remove Bolt Carrier and Charging Handle

Tilt the rear of the upper receiver up while pivoting on the forward pivot pin.

Figure 5
Ruger SR-762 Review

By pulling on the charging handle, the bolt carrier will begin to move rearward.

Figure 6
Ruger SR-762 Review

Grab the rear of the bolt carrier and remove it from the receiver.

Figure 7
Ruger SR-762 Review

Next, pull the changing handle towards the rear and apply slight down pressure so that it drops out of the upper receiver slot.

Figure 8
Ruger SR-762 Review

Step 5 - Remove Upper Assembly

Although removing the upper assembly is not required, I like to remove the upper assembly from the lower so that the lower assembly is not flopping around while I'm cleaning the upper assembly.  To do this, all you need to do is press the forward pivot pin to the right side and then pull the pin out on the right side until the pin stops.

Figure 9
Ruger SR-762 Review

Figure 10
Ruger SR-762 Review

Step 6 - Remove Upper Assembly

You can then lift the upper assembly from the lower.

Figure 11
Ruger SR-762 Review

Step 7 - Remove Gas Regulator and Piston

First you must rotate the gas regulator until the two arrows are in line as shown below.  You can use a screwdriver or bullet tip to rotate the regulator.  I was able to rotate the regulator on this rifle by hand, but it was very difficult using only my fingers.

Figure 12
Ruger SR-762 Review

Next push the gas regulator cam pin from the left to the right until it stops.  It took some force to get the pin on this rifle to move so I used the tip of a Phillips screwdriver to get it started.

Figure 13
Ruger SR-762 Review

Figure 14
Ruger SR-762 Review

With the pin out, you can grab the gas regulator and pull it from the gas block.

Figure 15
Ruger SR-762 Review

By tilting the muzzle down, the gas pistol will slide out of the gas block.

Figure 16
Ruger SR-762 Review

Fully Disassembled

The photo below shows the maximum level of disassembly recommend by Ruger for cleaning.  Ruger does not recommend removal of the gas block assembly and handguard.  Ruger states that it takes a special tool for removal and must be done by the factory.  This is my third Ruger AR styled SR rifle and so far I have not seen a reason to remove the gas block and handguard.  It would be nice to access the vent hole on the gas block for cleaning, but in reality, how often do you clean the gas bock or tube on a gas impingement system?

Figure 17
Ruger SR-762 Review

If you want to clean the bolt carrier and bolt, and I typically do, you can remove the cotter pin and the bolt carrier group will easily disassemble to the level shown below.

Figure 18
Ruger SR-762 Review



Disassembly of the Ruger SR-762 Rifle is quick and easy like most AR style rifles.

For more detailed photos and commentary, make sure you check out the other parts of this review and feel free to leave comments on my Reader's Comments page.  The following links are provided to help you see other parts of this review. 

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