Ruger LCP II Review
Part 4 - Disassembly & Internal Features
May 7, 2017

Ruger LCP II Review

In this part of my Ruger LCP II review I'm going to show disassembly and some of the internal features of this pistol.  If you are already familiar with the disassembly of the original LCP, then you nearly know everything needed to disassemble the LCP II.  Keep in mind that although I show basic disassembly instructions, you should always refer to the manufacturer's Instruction Manual when disassembling any firearm because the manual will go into greater detail with warnings and other information.  Also, if you are interested in comparing these details against the original LCP you can see them here.



Step 1 - Ensure Pistol is Unloaded

Remove the magazine and then inspect the chamber to ensure the pistol is unloaded with no round in the chamber.  Afterwards, return the slide to the forward position.

Step 2 - Remove Takedown Pin

With the slide fully forward and using a small screwdriver, pry the head of the takedown pin up until the pin passes the leg of the retention spring.  I like to put a piece of cloth between the slide and screwdriver to ensure I don't damage the slide surface.  I'm also shocked at how much prying force is required to get the head to move.  At times I thought I was going to break the head of the pin off, but it always eventually popped loose.  This step is one slight deviation from the original LCP where Ruger recommends pushing the slide back about 1/16" when prying the takedown pin out.

Figure 1
Ruger LCP II Removing Takdeown Pin

Once the pin is past the detent spring leg, you can then pull the takedown pin from the frame with your fingers.

Figure 2
Ruger LCP II Removing Takedown Pin

Step 3 - Remove the Slide

The slide can now easily shift forward and off the pistol frame.

Figure 3
Ruger LCP II Removing Slide

Figure 4
Ruger LCP II Removing Slide

Step 4 - Remove Recoil Spring Assembly

Next, press the end of the recoil spring assembly where it seats into the barrel lug as shown and then shift that end away from the barrel and the assembly can be removed from the slide.

Figure 5
Ruger LCP II Removing Recoil Spring Assembly

Step 5 - Remove Barrel

To remove the barrel you will need to shift it slightly forward and jiggle it a little while pulling up and then back out of the end of the slide.

Figure 6
Ruger LCP II Removing Barrel

Fully Disassembled for Cleaning

The photo below shows the pistol fully disassembled for cleaning.  Overall disassembly is very simple with the only part that seems uncomfortable is prying against the slide (use tape or cloth to protect) and how much prying force is required.  Other than taking out the pin, disassembly is very easy.  Reassembly is the opposite of the steps shown and getting the takedown pin back in place can easily be done without tools.

Figure 7
Ruger LCP II Disassembled

Internal Features

Many of the photos below are for your own reference and study and I comment only on those features I feel are significant.

Figure 8
Ruger LCP II Slide Top

Figure 9
Ruger LCP II Slide Right

The firing pin and spring is held in place by a roll pin while the extractor, plunger and spring are held in place by the engagement of the plunger on the bottom of the extractor.

Figure 10
Ruger LCP II Slide Bottom

Figure 11
Ruger LCP II Slide Left

The 2.75" blued alloy steel barrel is shown in these next several photos.  Unfortunately, I took  these photos after range testing and you can see that the barrel does take some abuse inside the slide while cycling.  The key point here is to do a good job putting some lubrication on your barrel to reduce wear over time.

Figure 12
Ruger LCP II Barrel Top

Ruger changed the shape of the camming cutout in the barrel lug to elongate the top portion slightly as compared to the original LCP.  You can see this difference in the two photos below.

Figure 13 - LCP II
Ruger LCP II Barrel Right

Figure 14 - Original LCP
Ruger LCP Custom Barrel Right View

Figure 15
Ruger LCP II Barrel Bottom

Figure 16
Ruger LCP II Barrel Left

The feed ramp is integral to the barrel lug.

Figure 17                                    Figure 18
Ruger LCP II Barrel Chamber  Ruger LCP II Barrel Muzzle

Inside the frame assembly is an aluminum frame insert which is pinned inside the grip with two frame insert pins. The interface slot for the slide extends the full length of this insert on both sides.

Figure 19
Ruger LCP II Grip Frame Iso Left

Figure 20
Ruger LCP II Grip Frame Top

Figure 21
Ruger LCP II Grip Frame Iso Right

On the LCP II, it looks like Ruger has integrated the ejector into the slide stop lever which is different from the original.

Figure 22
Ruger LCP II Internals

The dual recoil springs and guide rods are shown below.  Although the photo gives the guide rod more of a copper-ish look, the actual guide rod has a blued look.

Figure 23
Ruger LCP II Recoil Springs and Guide Rod

I'm still a little surprised that the head of the takedown pin is so thin.

Figure 24
Ruger LCP II Takedown Pin



The Ruger LCP II is a very simple pistol and easy to disassemble.  Disassembly requires a small screwdriver or tool and I recommend putting tape or cloth on the slide or tool so that over time you don't scratch the finish on the slide when removing the takedown pin.

For more detailed photos and commentary, make sure you check out the other parts of this review and feel free to leave comments below.  The following links are provided to help you see other parts of this review. 

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