Ruger SR9c Review
Part 2 - What's In The Box
February 18, 2011

Ruger SR9c Review

When you purchase the Ruger SR9c pistol, it comes boxed as shown in the photos below.  I believe this is the same case that is used for the Ruger SR9 which makes sense.

Figure 1
Ruger SR9c Review 

The end of the box had the sticker showing model number 03313 (Ruger drops the 0 in all their literature), serial number, catalog number KSR9C, caliber 9 x 19 mm and UPC/bar codes.

Figure 2
Ruger SR9c Review 

When you open the case, you will find it packed fairly tight similar to that shown below. 

Figure 3
Ruger SR9c Review 


After removing the plastic bag around the gun and lock, you can see how the gun and accessories fit in the case.  It is clear that the full size SR9 fits in the case also.  From my perspective, I think it is a good idea for Ruger to standardize on items like the case so that they can keep the costs down.

Figure 4
Ruger SR9c Review 

Once I pulled everything out of the case, it was easier to see the contents.  Keep in mind that throughout this review you can click on a photo to bring up a higher resolution photo allowing you to see greater detail.

  • Ruger SR9c Pistol with 17-round magazine and magazine adapter installed
  • 10-round short magazine with floorplate finger extension installed
  • Flat floorplate
  • Magazine loading tool
  • Gun lock with instructions
  • Fired cartridge case and envelope (see page 5 of the Owner's Manual on why this is included)
  • Instruction/Owner's Manual
  • Safety update card for the Ruger Blackhawk, Single-Six or Bearcat

Figure 5
Ruger SR9c Review


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