Ruger SR-22 Review: Part 5 - Range Test

In the previous parts of this review, I covered What's In The Box & Specifications, External Features and Disassembly & Internal Features.  This portion of the review covers the actual range testing.  Since I didn't have an extra scope on hand at the moment, I decided to remove the scope from my original 10/22 for the range tests.  It is not the most expensive scope on the market, but over the last couple of years this scope has proven to be accurate and reliable.  The  photo below shows the configuration of the rifle for the range tests.  The scope is a NcStar 3-12x50E Small Cross Scope.  This scope gives me a good ability to zoom in on a target and a fine crosshair for accuracy during aiming.

Ruger SR-22 Review

The rings that came with this scope are 3/4" high rings and the scope tube has a 30mm tube.  This gives me total sight scope height above the bore of the rifle of 2.85".  Since I shoot such a variety of .22LR ammo (typically what is on sale), I averaged the key bullet data such as weight, velocity and ballistic coefficient data and then ran this data through the online Hornady Ballistics Calculator.  For a scope height of 2.9", a 33 yard zero also produces a 75 yard zero.  For my uses, this ±1/2" variation of bullet drop between 25 and 85 yards should work out well.  Keep in mind that this calculation is all theoretical because the calculation is based on averaged data.  At least, the results give me a good starting point for the range test.

Ruger SR-22 Review

For the range test, I checked out my ammo stash and selected these below to be a good sampling of ammunition for the average shooter. 

Keep in mind that you should be able to find tons of range test data on Ruger 10/22 on the internet.  I don't expect my results for the SR-22 rifle to differ from the standard 10/22 rifle because the barrel, bolt, receiver, magazine, and trigger are common parts for these rifles.


The table below shows the results of my 50 yard range tests.  I shot a total of five 5-shot groups for each ammo selected.  Shooting conditions were approximately 65 degrees F, relative humidity of 40 to 50%, and a 5 to 10 mph wind going from my 8 to 2 o'clock position at the range.

Ruger SR-22 Review
RN - Round Nose, HP - Hollow Point


My total average group size for all my groups was 1.71". This is a little higher than the results of a recent article in the December 2010 issue of American Rifleman where they report and average group size of 1.47". When you consider that some of the ammo for my tests is considered to be high value, the slightly increase average group size is not surprising. 

The graph below was my best group during range testing.  It seems that the rifle has great accuracy potential when matched up with good ammunition and a skilled shooter.  If you want to see some really impressive results, take a look at Jeff Quinn's Review  at using match ammo.

Ruger SR-22 Review

The last thing I wanted to checkout was rapid fire of the rifle.  I installed a Black Dog Machine 50 Round Drum Magazine and was able to empty this magazine several times without a single jam using CCI Blazer 40 Grain Round Nose ammo.

For most people's needs, these range test results show that the Ruger SR-22 Rifle can deliver accuracy, reliability and lots of excitement.

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