Ruger LCR Revolver Review (38 Spl +P)
Part 2 - What's In The Box
December 28, 2012

Ruger LCR Review

The Ruger 38 Special +P LCR Revolver comes boxed as shown below.


Figure 1
Ruger LCR Review

The end of the box has a sticker with all the pertinent information about the contents of the box such as:

  • Model: 05401
  • Finish: SYNERGISTIC HARD COAT / BLACKE (which I believe means Matte Black)
  • Serial No
  • Catalog No: LCR
  • Caliber: 38 SPL +P

Figure 2
Ruger LCR Review

When you open the box, you see the revolver comes inside a soft case.

Figure 3
Ruger LCR Review

Inside the box were the:

  • LCR Revolver
  • Ruger Gun Lock
  • Fired Case
  • Soft Case
  • Instruction Manual
  • (2) Internal Lock Keys
  • Discount Card
  • Visit Card
  • NRA Brochure
  • XS Sight Systems Card (not needed for this model revolver since it does not have the XS Standard Dot Tritium Front Sight)

Figure 4
Ruger LCR Review

Based on the date on the fired case envelope (20-NOV-12), I feel this revolver is a relatively new manufactured firearm and is a good indication of what is coming off the assembly line at the time of this review.

Figure 5
Ruger LCR Review

The Ruger LCR comes with a soft case and the photo below gives you an idea on how the revolver fits inside the case.  Each person has their preference, and mine is starting to shift to soft cases because they allow me the ability to pack more handguns in my range bags and ensure that they don't get scratched up during transportation.

Figure 6
Ruger LCR Review

The back side of the case has a flat Velcro pocket.

These next photos give you a good look at the Ruger LCR and document the "as-received" condition of the revolver.  From my inspection, I feel the revolver came in great condition and I couldn't find any visible issues with this handgun.

Figure 7
Ruger LCR Review

Figure 8
Ruger LCR Review

Figure 9
Ruger LCR Review

Figure 10
Ruger LCR Review


First Impressions

My first impression was how light the handgun felt.  Next I was amazed at the extensive fluting on the cylinder and that Ruger still rated this revolver for 38 Special +P ammunition.  Last was the smooth double action trigger pull.

For more detailed photos and commentary, make sure you check out the other parts of this review and feel free to leave comments on my Reader's Comments page.  The following links are provided to help you see other parts of this review. 

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