Mossberg 930 Tactical Shotgun Review
Part 4 - Disassembly
February 3, 2012*

Mossberg 930 Tactical Review

In this part of my Mossberg 930 Tactical Review, I cover disassembly of the 930 shotgun.  In general, I follow the steps outlined in the Owner's Manual and you should always consider the Owner's Manual as the official source for disassembling your firearms.  The manual actually does a good job at illustrating and showing these steps, along with providing additional warnings and safety related comments.


Barrel Removal

The first step whenever working with any firearm is to ensure that firearm is pointed in a safe direction and unloaded.  For the 930, you should make sure the safety is in the "on" position and the bolt is locked in its open position.

Figure 1
Mossberg 930 Tactical Review

Next you unscrew and remove the magazine cap.

Figure 2
Mossberg 930 Tactical Review

Then you can slide the forearm forward and off the shotgun.

Figure 3
Mossberg 930 Tactical Review

Figure 4
Mossberg 930 Tactical Review

Next you pull the barrel forward out of the receiver and off the magazine tube.

Figure 5
Mossberg 930 Tactical Review

Figure 6
Mossberg 930 Tactical Review

Gas System Removal

Sometimes the gas piston will stay inside the barrel lug when you remove the barrel as shown below.

Figure 7
Mossberg 930 Tactical Review

You can remove the gas pistol and seal ring by pulling it out of the lug.

Figure 8
Mossberg 930 Tactical Review

Figure 9
Mossberg 930 Tactical Review

You then remove the spacer tube (A), pusher assembly (B), spring (C) and forearm retainer (D).

Figure 10
Mossberg 930 Tactical Review

Action Removal/Disassembly

First, pull the operating handle out of the bolt.  There is a spring plunger that holds the operating handle in place and it takes a good tug to get the handle out of the notch.

Figure 11
Mossberg 930 Tactical Review

You can then slide the bolt and slide assembly forward through the barrel hole.

Figure 12
Mossberg 930 Tactical Review

The bolt, slide assembly and link should all come easily out of the receiver.

Figure 13
Mossberg 930 Tactical Review

The bolt can be lifted from the slide assembly.

Figure 14
Mossberg 930 Tactical Review

Last, you can push the link pin out of the slide.  On this shotgun, the link pin would fall out when turning the slide on its side.

Figure 15
Mossberg 930 Tactical Review

Trigger Housing Assembly Removal

Using a punch, press the two trigger housing pins out of the receiver.  The instruction manual states you can press the pins out on either side of the receiver.

Figure 16
Mossberg 930 Tactical Review

Since the trigger housing was loose on this shotgun, the trigger housing easily dropped out of the receiver without having to pull it down.

Figure 17
Mossberg 930 Tactical Review

Buttstock Removal

First you remove the recoil pad using a Philips screwdriver to loosen the two recoil pad screws (the screws will remain in recoil pad).

Figure 18
Mossberg 930 Tactical Review

Figure 19
Mossberg 930 Tactical Review

Next you remove the stock nut (A) by using a 3/4" socket wrench (Rotate counterclockwise).

Figure 20
Mossberg 930 Tactical Review

Remove the stock nut spacer (B) and the stock. 

Figure 21
Mossberg 930 Tactical Review

The stock will easily slide off the return spring tube.

Figure 22
Mossberg 930 Tactical Review

Figure 23
Mossberg 930 Tactical Review

Most likely the stock retention plate will stay inside the oval recess in the stock as shown below.  I tapped the stock lightly on my bench and the spacer fell out.

Figure 24
Mossberg 930 Tactical Review

On reassembly, if you wanted to change the drop (angle) of the stock, you would place the selected stock spacer on the back of the receiver (text side facing out) and reinstall the stock with the matching retention plate in the oval recess. The retention plate must be installed with the text side facing out and right side up. (You should be able to read the markings right side up when looking into the butt end of the stock). Install the stock nut spacer and the stock nut and then replace the recoil pad.

Removing Magazine Spring

To remove the magazine spring, you first remove the magazine cap to expose the magazine spring retainer.  This retainer can be worked out of the tub using a screwdriver as shown below,  As you are working the retainer out of the tube, you will need to keep your thumb on top of the retainer or it may shoot across the room since it is spring loaded.

Figure 25
Mossberg 930 Tactical Review

Once the retainer is out of the tube, you can release pressure off the spring.  With the retainer removed, the magazine spring can be pulled out of the tube.

Figure 26
Mossberg 930 Tactical Review

You can remove the magazine follower by turning the tube upside down and most likely the follower will drop out of the tube.

Figure 27
Mossberg 930 Tactical Review

Fully Disassembled

The photo below shows the Mossberg 930 Tactical Shotgun fully disassembled for normal cleaning and maintenance.  The Mossberg Owner's Manual states "The firearm should not be disassembled any further for routine cleaning or maintenance. Further disassembly should only be performed at an authorized Product Service Center or by a qualified gunsmith."  I agree with their assessment on further disassembly.  Unless you are skilled with working on firearms, it is probably a good idea to not mess up a working shotgun.

Figure 28
Mossberg 930 Tactical Review



Disassembly was very simple like most traditional styled shotguns.

For more detailed photos and commentary, make sure you check out the other parts of this review and feel free to leave comments on my Reader's Comments page.  The following links are provided to help you see other parts of this review. 

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