GMG Monopod Butt Pad Review
February 28, 2011

Wouldn't it be nice if everything you needed to be able to make consistent long shots or tight groups were included as part of your rifle.  For the front of the rifle, the answer is simple, get a bipod.  For the rear of the rifle, the answer gets a little more complicated.  Global Military Gear (GMG) may have the answer with their new Monopod Butt Pad (Code: GM-RBP1).  This butt pad slips over the end of any standard M4 style buttstock.  GMG's price for their Monopod Butt Pad is $57.75.  After doing a quick search online, I found it for $50 with free shipping at another website, so shop around.

The  photo below shows the butt pad inside the packaging.  There was nothing fancy about the package and no documentation was provided, but if you need instructions with this product, you should reconsider whether you should be handling a loaded firearm anyway.

GMG Monopod Butt Pad Review 

The below in colored italics are the features and specifications taken directly from the GMG website.  The , and are my way to keep up with details that I have covered in this review with either photos or commentary.  I may also add commentary after these marks for further explanation if needed.

  • Recoil butt pad with an adjustable monopod.
  • Designed to fit most AR-15/M4-style 6-position stocks.
  • Easy to install; it just slips onto the rear of the stock.
  • To operate the monopod, simply pull out the leg to the desired length and it locks in place.
  • The monopod offers four ¾" spaced extended locking positions and an additional 3.75" of fine-tuning length for a total of 6.75" of adjustability.
  • Having a monopod not only increases shooting accuracy by providing a stable shooting platform, it also allows the shooter to concentrate on their shot instead of handling the rifle.
  • When the monopod is not being used, the monopod retracts into the recoil pad.
  • In addition, the GM-RPB1 is designed to withstand high impact recoils for maximum control.
  • Textured “non-slip” back helps prevent weapon slippage.

When I first took the monopod butt pad out of the package, I quickly noticed that I was getting black marks all over my hands when handling the rubber butt pad.  This gave me a negative first impression, but knowing that this may be due to residue from the normal manufacturing process, I didn't let it bother me too much.  I took some wet paper towels and scrubbed the rubber surfaces.  After a good scrubbing, it was hard to detect any significant residue on my hands while handling the product.

The next set of photos shows each side of the GMG Monopod Butt Pad.  The rear of the butt pad is stamped GMG which stands for Global Military Gear.  Because this butt pad is rubber, it does provide some recoil absorbing capability.  The recoil reduction is more than the standard M4 style buttstock, but not by much.  The combination of the density of rubber and the fact that the butt pad houses the monopod limits its potential for recoil reduction capabilities.  Although, keep in mind that recoil reduction is not why you would be purchasing this butt pad anyway.

GMG Monopod Butt Pad Review   GMG Monopod Butt Pad Review   GMG Monopod Butt Pad Review   GMG Monopod Butt Pad Review

Clearly the key feature of this product is the monopod.  There are two adjustment methods, course and fine.  For the course adjustment, the monopod can extend to 4 different positions at ¾" increments.  Since fully collapsed represents one position, you have a total of 5 possible positions for the course adjustment feature.

GMG Monopod Butt Pad Review   GMG Monopod Butt Pad Review

For the fine adjustment feature, you have a fully threaded rod that screws inside the course adjustment tube.  With a total thread length of 4.1", you have a usable adjustment range of about 3.75". This keeps about 0.35" always screwed into the course adjustment tube for strength and stability.

GMG Monopod Butt Pad Review 

The fine adjustment screw has two knurled nuts.  The one at the end of the screw is locked in place by a set screw.  This knurled nut is the one you use to fine tune adjust the length of the monopod.  The other knurled nut is used to jam against the bottom of the course adjustment tube to eliminate any free-play of this joint.

GMG Monopod Butt Pad Review

The monopod butt pad weighed in at 0.654 pounds (about 10.5 ounces).

GMG Monopod Butt Pad Review


To checkout the GMG Monopod Butt Pad, I installed it on my Ruger SR-556C Rifle shown below.  It took less than 5 seconds to install the butt pad on the rifle.  I started with the toe of the stock and slid it from the top of the butt pad down into the groove and then pressed the top of the butt pad over the top of the stock.  The process was very quick and simple.

GMG Monopod Butt Pad Review

When you install the butt pad on your stock, it will add about 7/8" to your length of pull.  Since you will most likely have a multi-position M4 style buttstock,  the added length of pull is not an issue.

GMG Monopod Butt Pad Review

The photos below show that the butt pad fits nicely around the end of the Ruger M4 buttstock.  Since all M4 style buttstocks are not exactly the same, you may be required to trim some of the rubber on your butt pad to achieve the best fit for your buttstock.  A simple side rolling motion also removes the butt pad with ease.  Actually I was a little concerned at how easily it could be removed so I decided to test it out.  I shouldered the rifle and then rubbed the butt pad against my shoulder in all sorts of motions to try and knock the butt pad off.  It held securely in place throughout these efforts.  If there were ever a concern about it coming off, a quick Velcro strap or tie wrap through the web sling attachment slot and around the butt pad would solve that concern.

GMG Monopod Butt Pad Review        GMG Monopod Butt Pad Review

Next I decided to try in out in a couple of shooting simulations in both the bench and prone positions.  I was quickly able to see that this monopod butt pad could be an extremely useful field ready solution for making some tough shots.


Bottom Line:

I like the GMG Monopod Butt Pad and can't wait to give it some real range trials.  It fits on the M4 stock nicely and provides an adequate range of travel for most shooting situations.  When you first get one, plan on spending a little time cleaning the rubber residue off the butt pad, but this is not a big deal.   I would probably keep this in my pack or vest instead of on my rifle full time because of the added weight.  It is quick to put on and take off so keeping my total weapon weight down would be my preference.  The price seems reasonable and if you have been looking for a monopod system for your M4 style buttstock, GMG's is a good one and is currently the only manufacturer with the answer.

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