Caldwell Orange Peel Target Review

Recently I got a pack of the Caldwell Orange Peel 12" Bullseye Targets.  One of the first things you have to get over when purchasing targets is that they cost money, verses the old "going cheap" route and making your own targets.  When I looked at the manufacturer's suggested retail price on this pack of 50 targets, I had sticker shock at a price of $52.99. After doing a quick search on the web, I found the targets for $29.99 at  Sixty cents per target was much better than a whole whopping dollar.  Later it occurred to me the irony of going cheap with targets.  I have a $1300 rifle, $900 scope, $35 box of bullets, a 40 minute drive each way to a range, and a range fee of at last $10 dollars, and after all that, I should be able to come up with about 60 cents to shoot at a target worthy of the money and effort spent for actually shooting the rifle. Sure you can shoot paper plates and other items, but at the end of the day you are probably going to draw a dot or a cross on whatever you shoot and then attach your target to your cardboard or backstop which takes time and effort.  I finally came to the realization that targets are worth the investment.

If you purchase a pack of 50 of the Caldwell Orange Peel 12" Bullseye Targets, they will come as shown below.  I suggest also going to the Caldwell site and checking out their video for these targets.  It will get a smile.

Caldwell Orange Peel Target Review

This target comes with a 2" diameter 10 ring, 4" diameter 9 ring, 8" diameter 8 ring, and 12" diameter 7 ring.  The basic target area is black with yellow cross and rings and an outside orange backgroud.

Caldwell Orange Peel Target Review

When you shoot the target in the black background area, the bullet holes become accented by an outer yellow ring.  If you hit the outside orange area, the bullets holes become accented by an outer white ring.  You can see this below with the .22 caliber bullet holes.  Also notice how much more visible the bullet hole locations are compared to the diameter of the hole.

Caldwell Orange Peel Target Review

The target below shows some results after shooting .308 and .223 caliber rifles.  You will notice that the .308 holes ended up looking like 0.420 holes with the accented ring of yellow.  This really helps out when trying to identify the bullet impacts at long ranges.

Caldwell Orange Peel Target Review

I stuck these targets to both wood and cardboard and also put them on top of each other when putting on a new target.  They stuck well to each surface and I like the fact that I didn't have to deal with stapling.


Bottom Line:

Having considered the comparative cost of nice targets in the big scheme of shooting (cost and effort), I now look at the cost of targets from a completely different perspective.  I think the Caldwell Orange Peel Targets are something that I will use more in the future and would recommend you  give them a try.  For my purposes, I think a smaller target will be better for ranges at 100 yards or less, which is not a problem since these come in several different sizes.

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