Caldwell Medium High Rear Bag Rest Review

This review is being done as the rear rest component to my Caldwell "The Rock BR" Front Rest Review, so I recommend looking at that review also.  There is not a lot of rocket science that goes into a rear shooting bag, but they do serve a vital role when trying to achieve your most accurate shots at the range.  Caldwell makes several of these rear bags at various heights as well as other front bags for shooting.  Caldwell sells this Medium High Rear Bag Rest for $39.99, but you can find these on the internet for about $29 plus S&H (

The bag comes filled and has a leather upper and polyester lower shell.  It is about 7" long and 5" wide.

Figure 1
Caldwell Medium High Rear Bag Rest Review


Figure 2
Caldwell Medium High Rear Bag Rest Review

Figure 3
Caldwell Medium High Rear Bag Rest Review

The bottom of the "V" for the bag measures about 4" from the top of the bench.

Figure 4
Caldwell Medium High Rear Bag Rest Review

The bag weighed in at 3.44 pounds.

Figure 5
Caldwell Medium High Rear Bag Rest Review

To get a feel for the height of the Medium High Rear Bag with The Rock BR Rest,  I placed the rest and the bag together on a level table.  The front rest is adjusted to it's minimum height (6.5") and the rear bag is pushed forward until the rifle barrel was level.  As you pull the rear bag further back on the stock, you will have to start using the vertical adjustment on the front rest.

Figure 6
Caldwell Medium High Rear Bag Rest Review


Bottom Line:

If you do any shooting, whether it is for sighting in a rifle once a year, plinking on a regular basis, or precision competition/target shooting, you are going to need some type of rest system.  Caldwell recommends this Medium High Rear Bag for use with their The Rock BR Front Rest and with everything I have seen so far, I have reason to believe that this is a good matching of components.  Regardless of your front rest, if you are looking for a good rear bag, I suggest you take a look at the Caldwell products.

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